Catégorie : Poèmes d’Amour


Vitrine de Poésie

THE LOVING GEAR is a beautiful metaphor for THE HEART, this tiny part, or I’d rather say, « this tiny mart » of the greater mechanism called the soul, which we all think is answerable for all the love in us, and for all the melancholies and miseries that it brings forth.

THE LOVING GEAR is a poem that voices my deepest fear! Once upon a time, I used to fear “not being worthy of finding love in this lifetime”, and if I were still at that station of my life, I would have written a poem about that… But today, this poem right here, that voices my deepest fear, has to be sincere.

And as such, THE LOVING GEAR is a poem that I have tasked with the honorable duty to voice my anticipatory fear of “reaching someday a station in life where I will no longer be able to love, at least, not as intensely and as merrily as I usually did”.

It is here the earnest anguish of a man staring at its own tailor-made limbo, knowing that the day cometh when leaping into it might be the only way to move forward, and hopefully, the only way to reach at the end of this poetic adventure called life, a sort of rightly-earned Olympus.



Vitrine de Poesie

Holy Ghost is a poem, evidently. But what is a poem if not a liquor made from the soul of its writer. Here, this liquor of mine wears Miley Cyrus’s fragrance. Mark my words, this text deserves a fugitive look, at least, for it gives another piece of the puzzle of my multilayered psyche. But beyond this, this poem is Woman Adoration at its best!