Vitrine de PoésieHello and Welcome

Lucky enough, I’m the co-author of eight (8) poetic anthologies, all published by Flammes Vives, in France, from 2010 to 2015. I’ve been extremely delighted and honored by the positive feedback from readers from all over the world, and I’m looking forward to offering you some new poems and articles I’ve got securely planned. This place is yours to stay! I’m also a student, an MBA student at Laval University & Marymount California University (MCU). So yea, some business insights could be up-loaded in the long run, from time to time.

What’s in Here for You

First, you’ll be able to read exclusive poems and articles as fast as they are written. Second, you’ll have a better idea of what my life as an author looks like, with funny and serious pictures and sometimes videos and audio recordings. Third, you’ll get discount on all of my books as soon as they’re available here for you to purchase. Fourth, you have an interface to contact me, whenever you want; and you can be assured of my timely response. Fifth, you’ll be able to reach me to ask me for a tailored-made poem if for instance you have a proposal to make or a wedding vow to  write, — all at a very affordable price. Finally, I am here for you so make your voice matter. You could be the one to give me a topic or an idea to write my next book about. And please, don’t forget, if you’re here, it’s because you and I share an interest for an art which may never and shall never die…

Before I Forget

Before I forget: all of this, absolutely all of this is an adventure, a poetic adventure. Along the way, I hope to enjoy every tidbit of inspiration I feel and every achievement I accomplish. I hope you’ll buy my books and appreciate all of my writings. I hope, with each and every day that passes by, I will only grow to become a better writer.

— Gilles F. Dogbo