MY BABY LOVED ME THUS is not a poem made up out of dreams, visions, inspiration or extra-lucidity. This poem is pure non-fiction. It is biographical. Every line of it is true. It speaks of my life: In a sense, it captures a portion of my soul.

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Vitrine de Poesie

Once, her smiles her gentle touch her tender closed eyes
Even, some love songs echoing the rumours of her sight
Once, she was the perfect melody and I her downbeat
Even, forgetfulness could be licked on her purple lips

Once, she used to undress every night for my stress-relief
Once, everyone was out and we were locked in together
Even, the aroma of her flesh I still can smell in my lonely
Even, brief memories of her are enough to blast my fears

O my baby loved me thus that darkness was with her a pale ale
That, when her I left I died came back to life and lost my sanity
That, without her I swift became all vanity and all dark misery

Holy Ghost, between her hips I found my Ivory Coast and a sail
And I, never knew of how saintly one woman could light a candle
In man’s heart that’ll burn so bright a whole world would tremble

— Gilles F. Dogbo


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