Eros has something to say, a tale to tell, a story that burns within his lungs. This poem is a speech by the God of love, this time, given so as to help us, mere mortals, understand his psyche, his soul, his position regarding love that he so happily inflicts on others. The question answered by the text is: How does Love loves? You may find the answer by reading through the lines of this heart-felt sonnet: Eros.

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Vitrine de Poésie

Immortals, I am not afraid to perish alone without being loved a lifetime.

O mortals, I am not afraid to lead eternity with no bond of any kind,

With no posterity relaying into eons the echo of my soul’s lines;

And not afraid am I to never love if not an antique goddess from an alter-life.

I tell human souls in great lengths the tale of that I am most afraid of

For all to figure out that frightening thing is I, Eros, the Cruelest of all Gods.

I silently make Zeus cry, who never seems too long struck by my arrows,

When his heart oft and oft I strike, with a pain worthy of Hades’s hell hounds…

Poseidon once told me, staying in love is the only hell I have never been in!

« Love is symphony for empty barrels, sea unseen, aurora, and pearl for empty seashells! »

I replied that staying in love is for archangels, of this world, not so tempting…

And swore I: I am not afraid of having my heart broken a trillion eras,

As myriads of myriads of naked nymphs will not suffice my appetite for Hera…

I crave well. See, I am not afraid to perish alone without being loved well, or a lifetime!

— Gilles F. Dogbo

Note : L’illustration est du Musée du Louvre / Raphaël Chipault


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