Why I think you should read this piece of art now? Because there has never been a greater time in history to avoid despising knowledge. This poem titled « Quit Loving Me » is something I would have never thought I would have written some day; but here I am. At my own ears, it sounds amazing! but I am biased as a judge. So, let me know what these rhymes of mine make you think of? Let me know. Or just take the time to slow down and savor each turn of this poetry for the soul. For yourself.

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Vitrine de Poésie

Heavens above oh Hell below I pray that you at last might

Ad infinitum love me no more

That I you might fail to recall like an alien shore

And swift forsake every tender thought of us stored in your heart of hearts

Zeus knows that weary I am of all of you

Of you for the sake of holding your self holier than I in your mind

For that feeble sake ne’er noticing the stains of your zodiac sign

Snappishly uttering “no” to love I would have to “no” damsel this easily infused


Upon Jehovah’s frosted mountain upon Satan’s hated cathedra I pray that you at last may

Ad infinitum love me no more

Upon this momentum ordain you free from all parochial chores


Regarding loves ne’er lost ne’er sought ne’er ought

As I am to your glittery eyes of zero cost

As my heart belongs to the deepest realm of a land you named “Never Bae”

— Gilles F. Dogbo

Illustration: From familyfriendpoems.com.


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