It has been a long road till I reach this turning point, this major change of heart, this doing something new… Presently, it seems particularly appropriate to me to stop wondering over the mysteries of love, — I may have been a spiritual whistle blower: too much has already been revealed. Now is the time for man’s poetry, one that is engaged and makes of the world the mirror of its core.

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Every poet sees clearer through a glass of alcohol

Every poet hears clearer through a song of maddened hearts

Every poet knows from birth it’s not enough to do her art

At some point in time just add in the tumbler the beer roll


And move and groove and transmute all desires into ashes

And look through the skies to see your brightest stars smash heat

There are worries greater than love that deserve a shot of attention

Sweet power soft money and the sour taste of revenge that made you a Zion


Every poet does not want to merely do her but also wants two lifts of a royal beer

Retell me the tales of Poe and Baudelaire who bestowed upon us a blueprint of sheer

Gazes upon misery for pleas for pleas for pleas to elude and lie to all making destinies


I am not a poet when it suits me not to be one

I am not a daydreamer of love that never was tasted by anyone

Lo’ I be a traveler upon and through this earth of queer men and queer nixes


— Gilles F. Dogbo


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