The final poem I promised myself to write at the beginning of this year to a female artist I admire: Selena Gomez. The model is worthy. The effort is worthy. The poem is worthy. Reading this candid sonnet, I hope every sensitivity will enjoy it for its simpleness and I pray the object of this piece of art will someday get to read it and smile…

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To Selena Gomez


For you, each new day a brighter poème,
An ode a ballad a ritournelle a sonnet brighter than my sun!
For you I could do all a Nephilim could never do
And flee from or bow to a God I know is of little rule!

For you each day will give birth to a brighter je t’aime,
Things he cannot say, the things ghost writers spit forth
Like: “I could never promise you a bed of roses in heaven:
I could never want a scorn to offend the delicacy of your flesh.”

For you the spark of a goddess, the scepter of a queen,
The easy favors of a mistress, the enduring devotion of a wife,
The things the Spirit of Moon would have me say to elle who is my life…

And if this and that and these were not enough, nothing would remain clean
After I tore this world down upside with verses to prima donnas untold,
With the essence of all poetry, – with what can never be sold…

— Gilles-Fabien Dogbo

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