The inspiration, the anchor, the first impulse to write this poem was hard to find, — one reason may be it is hard to find inspiration to write romantically about someone you do not personally know. For me to let the heavens’ stores of my inspiration overflow over a woman I admire, I need to have details about her, and frankly I know little about Selena Gomez and I cannot become a stalker for that purpose. But does it really matter, how much I know? I am writing this present-focused poem with my soul, not my spirit… and my soul is the fuel of my art.

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To Selena Gomez.


Was ruminating on the left leaves of my sunniest memories,

A girl thirteen I used to be keen of and who used to love me…

Was thinking I could consume all kinds of all of my atonies

With a melody from you as you enlighten each of my agonies!

A song from you is all I need, a love song like a prayer,

As my hoary self still begging for the love I never savored

Still listening without clear ideals of my heart’s desire,

Still short of envy to sin or lose sight of your voice’s thread.

I was anchoring you in my soul and my soul in you! but is,

Is that at all feasible, what am I, am I feeling lost locked out

Like Ulysses captain of his « end » or Jason starving for « gilts »?

You can be my anchor, my rest from the fuzzy and my highest self,

My anchor, my prize ahead, that retells my head none’s left as yin,

My shiny trophy, my pride worthy to wage wars for with zero guilt.

— Gilles F. Dogbo


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