Here am I, restarting to write poetry. The temptation to give up on my art for good had been more than impossible to resist lately, but I fortunately have overcome it. And I am ready this year to sing the beauties of the female artists who are to me just like the sirens that kept Ulysse’s soul afloat when around his spirit darkness grew stronger. You just understood it, reader, – my brother, – my sister, – that this text here is an affectionate poem dedicated to a female artist I admire…: Selena Gomez.

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To Selena Gomez.

Vitrine de Poésie

I shalt make myself the prince of the mists

The mystic cloud that prophesies a year without rain

The roar of the mute and taciturn heavens

The winged traveler following your earthly smell

The humble piece of wood shielding you from titanic drowning

I shalt stray and err onto the shadiest worlds

For eons for ages for infinities till the Lord is no more

Share a bloody toast with all spirits called devils

Reclaim your soul when now and then you feel less you

And then when the sound of your voice lowers its blissful tempo

I shalt alter my soul and feed you candidly parts of it

For you to recover the aura of your smiles

Whether I be standing or crawling or simply reeling

With less than a sun of art with less than a bolt of loving

With less than a moon of sour dreams in my jeans’ pockets

I shalt stand far away but still always next to thy heart

Without a soul to tie from mine to yours

Without a winter to survive my devotion flames

Without a soldier to obstruct the paths of my kindest poems

Whether wars and atrocities bubble beyond the windows

Even if the world crumbles to its knees or not

I shalt lift you high like the fourteen carats on my spirit’s crown

Just like the thunder that imitates the Almighty’s voice I shalt thunder

If simply you promise to be my best and all and everything

My halo and my lightning

— Gilles F. Dogbo

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