Some day, you will discover that love sometimes hates, love sometimes leads away from love, love sometimes is to be blamed for not being happy in love, love sometimes leads astray, love sometimes persecutes, and love sometimes hurts. This poem titled Déméter is all about that day!

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Ô, last I knew, which I knew, that I knew how disgraceful

And despiteful and worthy of blames the God of Love is

Worthy of blame, indeed, for standing still and this mute

To all the sorrows of my soul, of yours, of all who gave up

Ô, what I knew, wish I knew, that I knew how hatred-full

And heartless and worthy of shames the God of Love is

He that always allows fairies of your kind to desires refuse

And flee from both men and Gods in order to find rest up

Déméter, even disguised as an animal, is still worthy of love

Ô, never talk to me about the zoophilic Gods that her desire

Déméter, even lost, drowned in Lesbos, is still worthy of love

Who knows of a Goddess more apt to mix passion, fury & desire

As a medley or a cocktail drank thrice faster than any ambrosia

As poison I should spare myself, lest I wish to lose my soul in amnesia

— Gilles F. Dogbo


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