In this piece of art, I send a prayer to HERA. I wish something only a Being of Divine Nature can grant. The tone remains lofty. The sonnet looks like a monologue. The poem therefore sounds much like the prayer it is intended to be. Believe it or not, it is a sincere one. Do not ask me why I am not bowing down to Zeus’ majesty, you’ll have to read another poem I have written – POSEIDON – to find out.

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At thy high feet I lay low my bare dreams and my softest wishes

For thou art a woman who knowest art and the sacrifices it takes

To stand by the most unfaithful and slothful of all Gods, – Zeus.

At thy high feet I lay low a whole universe of blossoms and glows.

It is not a fire made of untamed desires that in my heart burns

Bursts and blazes like a golden tocsin or a salty poison that earns

To an avenging heart rest from night terrors and love undesired.

It is a fire that burns for something I have never tasted ailleurs…

Egyptians talk to me about Ra and Seth as if they were not one.

Jews talk to me about a God that made heaven and created hell.

I shalt fail to recall what I was told to believe and to love, belle.

They say love that is true and real is not of this world, it is haute

Magic, – one thing even Thanatos fails to hold for long in limbos…

I want more than « heat », I pray to be set one when I seize my one…

— Gilles F. Dogbo


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