Hint: To better grasp this poem from my viewpoint, from the author’s view point, consider that it is a sensitive speech written and spoken by Cupid, as depicted in the illustration. These are words from the God of Love, as accurately reported as possible! The loftiness and candor and lyricism of this sonnet translates Cupid’s feelings towards a Goddess – Aphrodite, whose reputation in terms of seduction is no longer to be made.

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Vitrine de Poésie

How beauteous Aphrodite art amongst the daughters of the seas

Like a specimen of woman emptied of demons and harsh words

How beauteous Aphrodite art amongst the sigils of love & sweets

Even the Gods wonder over the glare of her right breast and hair

Her hair I cannot count the length of for it dances as snake in wind

And reminds me oft that glory is hers when embraced by the sun

Salty Helios seems to oft drown all of its rays on her lowest spheres

Reserved to he that will all heavens and hells and chaos conquer

Aphrodite is the obsession of Father Poseidon father of all oceans

Of the waters EL found in place and could not erase nor withdraw

Aphrodite is not queen she is princess for whom battles are drawn

I wish no healthy man the sight of her nor the hearing of her voice

I wish not my worst enemy her touch of skin nor her taste of lips

I wish not myself life deprived of love that could compare her aptness

— Gilles F. Dogbo


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