Artemis is a poem about a goddess. Artemis is also a poem about a memory, or a very cherished dream. Does writing like this make me pretend to be a God? Surely not. If in an hypothetical world, I could be one particular god, I would choose to be Apollon. But hey, let’s forget these fantasies of mine about Greek Gods I want to be and Roman Goddesses I want to seize. Artemis is first and foremost a poem about love, — an unforgettable romance.

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I remember when we were both young and full of candors

Like two butterflies attracted to the same flowers always

At times your words were on my tongue before their rigors

And sun and moon were toys no mortal knew of our ways

I remember your rosy cheeks eyes blazing an ivory smile

Where were we before falling into a world of toil and turmoil

Remember you oft loved my short-time stares my tad turns

Was it a thing that I could forget your love for spoiling oils

Time drifted us away as if Cronos never died and still reigns

As if Zeus and the others are just puppet strings of the mind

For I say there was no fire to consume when I you consumed

I wish to remember the night I stole your star and kept mine

Was hotter than Vulcan you were warmer than Mount Etna

One simple story that of Artemis left in the dark as the stars

— Gilles F. Dogbo

Note : L’illustration est de Jeff Wack.


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