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Yours be all my love, now and in eternity!
Take it as a gift from God, and cherish it endlessly!
Yours be all my love, as the soul of a dog
Who’s found in you the meek, holiness of a dove!

Will mine be all your love, when time permits to be?
When angels before men gather, for vows to be,
To record the deal of us, becoming a single flesh,
To delight in the hymen of us, beyond a single brêche.

I am not of the shiny love, which lasts only a season
Befo’ introducing of grief a season, and only a treason.
I am not of the shiny love, which blasts woman’s reason.

Tell me your love shall be « yes » when the preacher
A « yes » requires. Now a « yes », a « yes » I too require:
Will you marry me? And, make both of us happier?

— Mr. Gilles-Fabien Dogbo