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What would it be like to always wake up next to me
Me next to you like a mighty sea at its resting shore?
What would it be like to always make love to me
Me to you like a man who’s just found his treasure store?

What would it be like day after day to admire you bloom
And let the colors of your loving soul color my heart?
What would it be like to give you my self and a room
On the highest mountain that can be found in my heart?

Take my love for granted
And all that’s left and all that’s mine, for granted
All the time God lent me for my stay on this kingdom of men,

For I cannot envision a wandering on earth you’re not in
Nor want I heaven if all there is is eternity you’re missing!
For now, one question need I ask: Will you be my woman?

— Mr. Gilles-Fabien Dogbo