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When you ain’t around I still can smell your smell…

And feel
The waters of your kisses on each inch of my body
The firmness of your butt under my fingers
The softness of your caresses ov’r my left breast
And all the little things Poetry can’t accurately express about you…

When you ain’t around I just can’t breathe…

And sure
The air feels heavier in my lungs
The atmosphere crowds itself with demons of loneliness
The room brings its walls each seconds closer
And my words forever drown in the sea of melancholy…

My soul is tied to yours and to yours only…
Like Abraham to Sarah
Like Samson to Delilah
Like David to Jonathan
Like Salomon to the Queen of Saba
Like Jehovah to Israel…

Accept me as husband, for this love of ours
This love
Is heaven’s gift!

— Mr. Gilles-Fabien Dogbo