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Doth thee really want to read this?

To notice the world thy name should adopt
As better depiction of love?

That all the purest lusts of my youth
At thy bare feet always crawl?

To comprehend in you lieth my inheritance, –
Portion of happiness received as birthday grant?

That nothing mightier than thy smile can be
At casting shadows out of my soul most enchanted.

Do you really want to read this?

To discover my love you need no longer ask
For only to you love I’ll freely give.

That nothing can perfect my joy
As much as the glare of your nude bosom…

There is no more reason left
For you and I to live in this world bereft.

Asking for your hand am I
Marry me and give me ten kids who’ll make my pride!

— Mr. Gilles-Fabien Dogbo