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Christmas time, when Santa in a strip club balls
And kids wrongfully long for a present to none
But themselves known, and winter flakes scorn
My fingers always counting money, please call
In and kiss me under the mistletoe…

Always time, for showing you’re my favorite gem,
For « prouding up » because by my side you hem
That always always always loving me you’ll be
Despite my tendency to see myself a little bee
When we kiss beyond the mistletoe…

There’s nothing bigger God Almighty could think of
To allow man and woman their love to prove to all
Than before the Priest and family to take the vow
To side by side remain until Death’s last blow…

What I’m asking you is little if mine is all your love.
What I’m asking you is too much, for much more
Is worth your love! Search your soul and its core
And tell me if marrying me is a thing that behoove’.

— Mr. Gilles-Fabien Dogbo