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Mirror, mirror, tell her who be the fairest of all dearies.


I know not who you are more than you don’t…
Happiness! Happiness is your birthday right!
I know not what you’d rather drink at nights
After life’s been tough on you… This, I don’t…

Who you are seems at this stance a mystery
I’m most eager to unveil and to undress, too.
Who you are seems piracy darkest treasury
I’m gonna open widest if I have the key, too.

There’s little to say on this! Just like my dad,
And the dad of my dad, and oldest dad Adam,
What’s forbidden or beyond my mind, I desire!

Let me tell you this: This is no ordinary desire,
No fleeting, no short-lived desire. Who you are
— Pretty echo of my most intimate thirst for fire!

— Mr. Gilles-Fabien Dogbo