Roses Grow in Heaven is an affectionate poem on a love that mixes spirituality with despair. One of my most beautiful writings, I think. Everything in this piece of art deserves attention and meditation. Should I sell it to you before you buy it? I hope no. It still can be read and savored for free.

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See the flower I planted in my most hush-hush garden

Far from glimpses of evildoers & shielded as a medieval dungeon

I gave to that creature the yummiest honey of nature

I gave her light

I gave her thunder

But my rose was nearly, night —

Beyond the seven skies

In the hands of Gabriel the Archangel

I saw a rose brighter

I saw a rose brighter than Lucifer’s eyes

Then I wailed horribly to the Lord of Hosts

« Hand me more than a fragrance ghost

« I want the rose that — that grew in heaven —

« I want a taste of what — what was proudly Eden — »

Climbing down the spiritual ladder

Jacob saw in his getaway dream

Poetically the rose landed in my palm

Its scent as elegiac as King David’s psalms

Similar to the Saints’ souls’ sourest sorrows

Whose devotions were nearly all,

« And that rose wore your latest perfume

« Was it mere coincidence or was it that 

« Still that “I somehow still love you”… »

— Gilles F. Dogbo

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