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I downright despise the riches of the richest and name them poverty

How dare I when they can cover their dog asses with gold

On grounds plentiful of rubies and diamonds

Leaving to try to be among men Gods & Heroes

But sourly and properly only rotten within


Nor do I envy the brightest jewels of Shahrazad

Nor the grotesque and Dionysus banquets of Artaxerxes

Whom uneased low and in order to replace a queen of high virtues

Fornicated with a thousand whores and made it just



May I utter I look not for a love that can kill when ignored

May I utter I look not for a love that can hurt when abandoned

May I insist I look not for a mixed elixir that ought to be the purest of ambrosias


This can not last for more than yester night for each sound is sealed at its shores

Each romance at its fall, each cooling, each leaving now I adore

And a hitched voice says: “Not a mixed sun my pure sun!”


Gilles D. Fabien