This poem. I published this poem as fast as I wrote it. And now, I’m glad I did. But, I’m still shaken because I wrote this poem soon after reading a moving story, a heart-breaking story… perhaps, the most eye-opening story I’ve ever read. It talks about life setbacks. It talks about being crushed down, and being left outside alone… It’s a poem for someone out there who might be going through some sorts of hardships. It’s also a poem for me, for cheering up my soul, for always cheering up my soul!

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Beyond your useful life…

When you’re finally left alone on a cold street

With an opaque silence and a tumultuous soreness

With for only partner Obsolescence

With your damn self back down

Think of your self as a phoenix

And pray for rebirth…


Beyond your glamorous title…

You’ll come to realize pride and honors

Are only a mask

That won’t stay bright with zero humility

And when finally the world seems to crumble

Let your self fall like a young eagle

Knowing God your God will catch your back

And make you soar anew

Before you hit too low…


Beyond your useful life…

There’s always « you » that’s useful

Your soul, your star, your angel

Nothing’s ever over until you decide it to be

And then what’s left is a new race to cling to

A new you to imagine

A naked canvass to fill

Dust your brush off

And draw a sun…


Gilles Fabien DOGBO

Note: I wrote this poem soon after reading an article about an Harvard Law School Graduate who became homeless and miserable after losing his dream job. He fell into the quagmire of depression and schizophrenia. Once one of the most brilliant amongst the most brilliant, his life now looks like a tragedy, a drama that will break the hearts of the heartless. So, I wrote this poem as a piece of encouragement to those facing life setbacks. Life can be hard some times. But, your story is not over as long as you still possess the breath of life. Rebirth is still possible. Rebirth is always possible. It’s just time to reinvent your self and build your resilience muscles.

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