Love and Forgiveness. If the story and wisdom of the human race were to be summed up in two words, these two words would certainly be « Love and Forgive ». Now, giving Africa back to her, to who deserves it the most, it is high time I expressed all the love and forgiveness I can express toward Africa. Despite the hurt, the scars and the wounds, despite yesterday, yes I can bless you, Africa! For I am stronger than « Hatred », for I am stronger than painful memories, for I am not bound to my past, — that’s what my God says I am… and that’s what He says your daughters are…

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FORGIVE ME AFRICA, as I have forgiven you…

After you hit me in the eyes leaving a brown scar on my left iris;

When you slapped me in the face, and spit in my foods;

After you spanked me for nothing, for thin air, and again for nothing;

When you tortured my brain with interminable criticisms;

After you set multiple traps on my pathways for me to be buried in my youth;

When you cursed my name as if I were a curse

Forgive me Africa, for I have hated you…

But I am stronger than « this », that’s what My Rock said “I am”!

And she can have you, – the girl beautifully tanned by glimpsing at the high eye of fire!

And she can have you, – the girl praying nights and days for the earth to never die!

And she can have you, – the girl you so often refused to let learn the math of life!

And she can have you, – the girl making lemonades with all your limes and lies!


And why can’t I bless you? No, know this, « Now I can…

“May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob pour down on your trees

Perfumed oil mixed with the anointing of joy…

“May your daughters be as elegant as yellow moons

In the tents of all your sunny sons…

“May the hearts of kings and princes always be willing

To cover your footsteps with petals of loving…

“May your gates be golden and your windows silvery…

“May evil be refused on the footsteps of the men of Egypt…

“And if the new Jerusalem is big enough, may you get more than your fair share of it…

“For I love you, and…

“Despite the hurt, Africa, I forgive you…

For your daughters are, mothers of life like Eve too,

Deserving to be queens and princesses in my poems news…”

— Gilles D. Fabien




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