Just like Ambassador Cathy Russell said, I too: « I’m proud to take the #Africa4Her pledge to invest in women and girls. » This poem is a « canvass » of memories, hopes, pains, and joys, and visions. Let’s be visionary, shan’t we! What about the future Africa? Well, this cannot be overemphasized: Africa must now « rely on » both genders.

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Note: Below is a poem written as an « investment in women », in order to honor a pledge I took.

#YALINetwork #YALIChat #LetGirlsLearn #Africa4Her

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I REMEMBER AFRICA while glimpsing at my gold and frosted wristwatch:

— The ancient charms of the sons of Cham

— The bloods of sacrifices defiling the peace of the land

— Poor women cursing poor women

— Poor men cursing poor men

— Poor children cursing poor children

— Foreigners taken for scapegoats

— Fathers betraying sons and sons betraying fathers

— The old mirrors covered up as TV-, smartphone-, or laptop-screens for slavery legal tender

— And as endless love that only shimmers as money…

— I remember Africa.

I REMEMBER AFRICA from a place of hope:

— As the lights of The Eternal follow me through ethers and continents

— As my soul rests among:

— Women of words…

— Men of value…

— Children of worth…

— As I sip honey sweeter than honey from a lion’s belly

— As my broken past erased by the Almighty’s touch

— As Impatient Optimism rewarded in the name I bear

— As glory lost along the tail of ages

— But as glory restored by the Rock of Ages…

— I remember Africa.

Gilles D. Fabien

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