Here is a poem I write to say « I love you » to my future fiancee, I who am at this hour a bachelor. This may sound weird, but hey, writing love letters to people who belong to the future is something no law of man is against. And when I meet her, probably she will know I am not chained to a memory of my lonesome past…

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IF I HAD TOLD YOU some times ago,

« Your weirdest thoughts cross my mind. »

Would you serve me truest love or would you be your faulty self?

Would you bestow upon me your brightest heart or would you play a bribery art?

If I had told you ahead of times,

« Mine soul makes me feel thy feelings. »

Would you still run for hate after love or would you choose rosy tales of happy endings…

Heretofore, « I tell you on shooting stars

Brightening the heavens for half a time, but plain dark foreverly after »…

If I had told you my secrets whole only for you to discover there’s no secret hole,

What Delilah would you daydream of being bold, of being a siren striving to sink my Noah soul;

For, done I am with the relentless He-says She-says Hell-says Jesus-says…

Would you love me as if I were a Son of The Lord Most High?

Or as if I am The Poet After God’s Heart?

Or as if I will be your beloved h’us-b’and strand?

« I’ve got two right feet since death toll and since birth too », I remember. Words.

Remember the world says, « Love is death and well dead. »

But despite « this »,

Would you still be the love of me?

Ahead of time, I do love you.

— Gilles D. Fabien

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