I think « art » in general would never suffer from the contrast of points of views. Sometimes, when I start writing a poem, I try to visualize all of the possible « echoes » that poem may have all over the world if only the right people read it and got candid inspiration from it. Sometimes, poems by others or songs by others, can also make me sit down and write an echo. This poem is what I call an « echo », – a perspective, – a bird’s eye view based on a song I listened to and enjoyed…

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God's mighty! God's great! God's an artist!


God sat down, switched on His Macbook Air, and browsed…

Googled a little hike, and started reading my nugget rhymes…

Who is this damn guy and why does he sound… so lemons?

Should not my secrets remain secrets for the wisest, c’mon?

Humn… Yea man: Let’s grow a deal for a silence to purchase!

God sat down with His heart down, when « here » He stumbled…


God asked for a meeting with His best master-minds, on Skype…

And pondered over many a rhyme of my Poetry Window Pane…

It’s getting dangerous. Heavens & Hell… Here, are married…

In this quatrain born from the heart of the poet, just married?

Humn… gosh: Let’s make a deal for his Art Soul to purchase!

God sat down with a godly frown, when « here » He stumbled…


God sought the advice of Ahithophel on this red poetic issue…

Why in this box century should my evil schemes link in this hue…

I’m gonna make his rise, pain! Pain for the high & for the height!

But wait a second, that negro is loving the flames, asking for mo’?

Soul like his, ne’er going, I’m ne’er going – ha all – to make twice! »

God sat down with His smile down, when « here » He stumbled…

Gilles F. Dogbo

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