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To a woman 3-times special.

Intimacy, white wine and love...
Intimacy, white wine and love…


O, my desire is to revere your body half-naked

Like a Delilah at dawn on the Rhine’s shores:

Could I love you more than poetry, and more

Than any chimera whose lips I used to adore?

Love of you more than love I want, my beloved,

For ‘twas your “yes” to my “may I” in your bed

That healed my soul, that mend my bones, and

Made my left hand devote its power to your soar.

What was lust before the lust of your breast?

What was passion before the fire of your nest?

God wishes so: I shall ne’er bow to any highness

That knows not the soothing stealth of your breath,

Nor the tempo of your nighttime dances on myself:

“He who ne’er loved you, my deer, always loved less!”

Gilles F. Dogbo


NOTE: I remember I wrote this poem on the 13th of February 2015. I remember I wrote this poem in less than three (3) minutes. I remember the feelings it expresses are true. I remember that on the following day, on Valentine’s Day, I enjoyed intimacy, white wine and love as depicted on the picture that illustrates my verses. I remember that « I love you » and the affection I gave and received in exchange. I remember that for the first time in my life, I reached the point of believing that « true love » can be real for it really felt as such. I remember her face, her kisses and this little love sonnet cannot be enough to express how grateful I am to be loved.

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