These are the letters I wrote to my girlfriend. These are the letters I wrote for my girlfriend. This article made up of two (2) poems is, I think, funny and striking. In the first poem, titled « ma p’tite go », I write about her personality, her charm, what makes her heart beautiful. And, in the second poem titled « her sexy ass », I describe one thing that makes her attractive. Sometimes, poetry is dead simple; therefore, let’s keep it that simple. I am sure of this: if you dare take one or two minutes of your time to read this article, you will appreciate the candor and sincerity with which it is infused.

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Vitrine de Poésie

Note #1


Ma p’tite go, est une bouffée de sûr air

Un flocon d’avoine posé sur un cake au lait

J’aime ses câlins, j’aime son malin

L’hiver se fait tiède si elle embrase mes reins…

Ma p’tite go, demande si souvent si elle me plaît

Et à ça mon cœur de poète vrombit et se tait

La myriade de sonnets sauvés dans mon écrin

Un jour à ses lèvres croustilleront tel un pain…

Ma p’tite go, ma ? oh oui, j’espère mienne

On n’est certain ni au poker ni en amour

Voilà pourquoi je laisse roupiller la Seine !

Ma p’tite go, a l’allure électrique d’une guitare

Rock tel le rocking chair qui berça mes jeunes jours

Voilà pourquoi ce secret : « Elle est mon phare ! »

— Gilles F. Dogbo

Note #2


I could spend a life-time staring at her sexy ass

I could wait for all eternity until it talks to me

And says how lovely it is to be loved by me

But shows how happily it will give its all to me

I love my girl you know but I love her ass for more

Some would have said I’m addicted to the booty shores

This could be true and to this I could be mute

This and that and these and those and nothing more

She’s pretty, she’s funny, she’s sunny, she’s crazy

But don’t think I’ll behave like a ‘nazi-pansy’

I love her ass, and all that sustains it, and nothing more

— Gilles F. Dogbo



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