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She proudly sings all the time

Like a bird lost in the wild

She goes through the sourest rhymes

She goes by and by the tide

When her feelings are light

She will have you crazy over the sunrise

When her feelings are night

She will dig into the dark like a wise

Like a wise and lovely diva

Where are the lost souls

Who never knew much about life and laughter

Where are the lost soles

Lost in the headquarters of strife and disaster

Come on in and she’ll send you off the ground

In the realms of the shrillest sounds

I love her because she knows how to tell

I love her because of her funny smell

She’s a singer somewhere far away

And I shall never dream of having my way

Up to that fair lady someday

She’s Indian and she’s American

Don’t you know she’s the only citizen of my art-land

— Gilles F. Dogbo


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