First thing first, this poem was not published under this title in this particular form. It is one I wrote as early as I can remember. It is probably the first poem I wrote in English. Of course, I had written poetry in French earlier but this poem is, if my memory serves me right, my first attempt at English poetry. It was first titled « Love’s Necklace… » and can be read on VoicesNet. I like this version because it has tremendous clarity. I love the earlier version because it has tremendous originality. Much can be said, but nothing can replace the discovery of this text in itself: no commentary, no close reading, nothing else.

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In deep night

Far from belts of stars and bells

The sugar-salted taste

Of your skin

Makes of my devotion

Love and praise

In deeper nights

Poetry shines from hell

My hand full of secrets

Rises up to the moon like a cloud

Bringing these words close to you

Been loving you

In deeper… nights

I want to lose my soul

Amongst your dreams’ odes

Amongst your breath’s caresses

Amongst the romantic dances of your eyebrows


The whole universe

Witnesses my love’s flames!

— Gilles F. Dogbo

2 comments on “LOVE’S FLAMES…”

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